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InFocus IN5533 Projector

Part Number: IN5533
Leading the way with HD color performance and installation flexibility
The IN5533 projector leads the way in the installation category with a superior balance of color performance, brightness, features, and ease of use. Its 6-segment color wheel not only displays an incredibly wide palette but produces lifelike images with smooth gradations. Add our BrilliantColor™ implementation and high brightness and you get crisp, seamless, film-like images even in rooms with high ambient light.
  • WXGA (1280 x 800) resolution
  • 6000 lumens
  • Dual lamps
  • Standard lens included
  • 6-segment color wheel
  • Custom color skins
  • Full analog and digital connectivity

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Native Aspect Ratio16x10
Lumens (Eco/High)3150/6000
Closed CaptioningYes
Speakers10W (2 x 5W)
Audible Noise (Eco/High, dBA)30 dB/30 dB
Keystone± 30%
LampSP-LAMP-067 & 068
Lamp Hours (Eco/High)1500/2000
ConnectionsVGA, HDMI, USB Type A (PC-less Display), 5 BNC, S-Video, Component, Composite,
Image Offset
Lens Shift: Horz (min/max)10%/10%
Lens Shift: Vert (min/max)-50%/10%
Throw Ratio2.03~1.52
Product Dimensions HxWxD26.4in x 17in x 9.5in (670mm x 432mm x 240mm)
Shipping Weight(lbs/kg)56.1/25.5
Shipping Dimensions HxWxD23.4in x 39in x 13in (594mm x 991mm x 330mm)
Power consumption (Max, Watts)850
Product Warranty2 Years
Lamp Warranty6 Months
Accessory Warranty90 Days
ApprovalsUL60950-1/cUL (USA and Canada), FCC Part 15, Class A (USA), CE (Europe), NOM (Mexico), S-Mark (Argentina), GOST (Russia), KC (Korea), SAFETY Mark (Singapore), CCC, CECP (China), C-Tick (Australia/NZ)


  • Resolved 1280x800 Computer Mode over HDMI being shifted to the left and cut off
  • Resolved Custom Snapshot disabling any HDMI source. Behavior: Cycles from black screen to snapshot instead of displaying HDMI source

  • v1.2.1.1
  • Resolves possible HDMI image freeze / lockup
  • RJ45 / Ethernet Network "SNIC" error response corrected, works with version 2.41 "SNIC"
  • Color and Tint adjustments available for computer inputs (color filter calibration)
  • Resolves possible 720p modes selecting wrong color space
  • Resolves 1080p sync issues on computer sources with incorrect HSYNC sensing
  • Resolves un-blanking state (when blank is selected) when using Mute, Volume, Aspect Ratio and Preset Keys
  • Resolves possible image tearing in some 1080p24 sources
  • Resolves possible HDMI Connectivity problems: Improved HDMI EDID to limit clock rate for long cable runs

  • v1.1.9.5
  • Fixed timer in Dynamic Messaging
  • Priority of Dynamic Messaging over Closed Captioning fixed
  • Priority of Mute over LightPort menu fixed
  • Changed color of Highlighted menu items to make them more readabale in Bright preset
  • Take Snapshot is disabled when in SplitScreen
  • Fixed issue with 1080p24 tearing on some sources

  • v1.1.9.2
  • Improves RGB Gain/Offset controls for HDMI
  • Corrects adjustment values for RGB Gain/Offset when saving User/ISF Presets

  • v1.1.8.8
  • Resolves reset Network settings after Factory reset
  • Factory reset now resets LitePort settings
  • Resolved intermittent Keystone value retention seen at power on
  • Resolves intermittent iris initialization seen on IN5502 & IN5504
  • Changed default preset states for computer and video inputs providing higher brightness levels out of the box configuration. Computer Sources set to Bright and Video Sources set to Presentation
  • Fixed problem with Magnify controls, they are now volatile and will reset to full screen when changing sources
  • Fixes problem with Service Code entry on some remotes as well as resolved erroneous messages
  • Makes saved User, ISF Day, and ISF Night presets available for all inputs (prior version saved only for 1 input)
  • Fixes timeout issue with Overscan message
  • Fixes PIN protection on screen messages
  • Fixes Network reset on turning off DHCP, no longer resets and keeps the served IP address
  • Fixes Web UI issues with Menu Transparency, Digital Zoom, Phase, and Sync Threshold. Ranges did not match the OSD
  • Fixes Color Space issue with some HDMI sources
  • Fixes issue with WUXGA full bandwidth. Force wide now toggles between UXGA and WUXGA if the WUXGA is not reduced blanking format
  • Fixes problem with Closed Caption (Muted) function, now displays closed captioning when muted
  • Numerous Serial RS232 CLI Control improvements and fixes.